VannTechCyber, LLC currently offers penetration testing and vulnerability assessment services to our customers.  As a cyber security company we ensure that we leave all of our customers better prepared to protect their system and more aware of their cyber security presence.  If you are interested in our services or are simply curious about what our services could do for you, give us a call on our Contact Us page anytime or see below! We are always excited to take on new clients from all backgrounds.

As shown above, our services follow a model that ensures our customers are left more secure and more knowledgable of the limits of their network.  The first step in our service model is Meeting with the clients, so that our clients always feel comfortable with the tests we are running and so that we have as much information as possible to make the tests successful.  By meeting with the clients before running the tests, we establish a close relationship with the clients that makes communication and running the tests much easier.

The second step in our service model is conducting open source tests.  We do this to gather publicly available information on our clients in order to have the same perspective that an attacker would.  This allows us to give a much more realistic report and risk analysis to our clients.

The third step in our service model is running penetration tests and vulnerability assessments.  As shown above, we maintain high quality, fully encompassing tests that ensure our client’s entire network is tested.  In our penetration tests we use tools and methodologies commonly used by attackers to simulate an attack on our client’s network that is similar to a real life attack.  By doing this we are better able to prepare our client’s for a real cyber attack.

The fourth step in our service model, which is also the most important to us is, is returning the client’s system back to a secure state.  During a penetration test we simulate a real cyber attack and we want to make sure that we leave our client’s network as secure as it was before, if not even more secure.  This is to ensure that the only effect we have on our clients is a positive one.

The fifth and final step in our service model is preparing a report and presenting it to our clients.  As shown above, the majority of of our reports include our findings, an analysis of our findings and the major issues we found, and how to proceed based on that information.  We feel that by presenting it to our clients, we are giving them a better understanding of their system’s cyber security presence, and what they need to do to improve their cyber security.